Liberia to Empower 10,000 Youth With Digital Education.


President Joseph Boakai has pledged to train over 10,000 young Liberians in digital education during the first half of his presidency, with the goal of promoting economic growth and placing Liberians at the forefront of their nation’s development. 

He made this declaration as part of his ongoing State of the Country speech, in which he underlined the significance of giving young people the tools they need to propel Liberia’s economy to unprecedented heights.

According to President Boakai, Liberians hold the key to releasing the country’s economic potential. His goal is to produce a generation of digitally savvy people who can support the advancement of the country by providing the kids with the digital education skills they need. The president is adamant that the best approach to give Liberians a sense of agency over their own future is to support the next generation of leaders.

President Boakai said during his speech his administration’s goal is to teach 10,000 youth by the first half of 2024 in a variety of digital fields. Through this large-scale project, young Liberians will be equipped with the information and abilities needed to prosper in the digital era. 

The president hopes to close the technological divide in the nation and provide Liberians with the tools they need to participate in the world market by emphasizing digital education.

The president’s vision of a vibrant Liberia is congruent with his dedication to digital education. He understands the need for digital literacy for economic development and progress in the quickly changing world of today. By putting money into the education of young people, President Boakai wants to develop a labor force that can propel creativity and entrepreneurship in addition to addressing the demands of the digital age.

With both domestic and foreign partners, the government intends to work toward this lofty objective. The knowledge and resources required to guarantee the program’s effective execution in the digital education space will be supplied by this collaboration. 

Additionally, the government will collaborate closely with academic institutions to provide a thorough curriculum that is in line with the demands of the rapidly changing digital environment.

Numerous stakeholders have expressed excitement and support for President Boakai’s commitment to digital education. In order to help the government place skilled youth in internships and jobs, the business sector has indicated that it is eager to work with it. Additionally, international organizations have committed to helping by providing grants and scholarships to worthy students.


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