Libya Energy & Economic Summit: Foreign Countries to Participate.


The organizer of  Energy Capital & Power recently announced that the Libya Energy & Economic Summit is back for its second edition. The 2023 edition of this historic summit unites the entire energy sector together with other primary areas of the economy, aimed at creating and sustaining Partnerships for Energy and Economic Opportunity. This historic, in-country Libya summit is organized with the endorsement and support of the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Oil and Gas, and the National Oil Corporation. It develops on the success of the inaugural edition in 2021, which was the first major investment event to take place in Tripoli for a decade.

Leaders in the fields of energy, finance, mining, manufacturing, trading, and other sectors from Libya and around the world are invited. The Libya Energy & Economic Summit 2023 will put the spotlight on Libya’s vast resources and human potential; its need for investment in critical infrastructure and other sectors; its strategic importance as a global energy producer; and much more.

The event will take place in Tripoli on 8-9 November 2023. Regional partners from the Middle East, Africa, and Europe such as Turkey, Italy, France, the UK, Egypt, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and others will take part with official ministerial delegations. The organizer also expects strong private sector participation from the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Libya is considered a major global oil and gas producer, with the capacity to contribute to European and African energy security. Historically, Libya has welcomed international companies and is now pushing for greater investment through partnerships across the economy. The country is emerging into a period of growth and opportunity, with energy as a foundation for its success. Currently producing 1.2 million barrels of oil per day, the country aims to increase production to 2 million barrels per day. Solar energy and other power sources are needed to bring power to the Libyan population and its neighbors. In manufacturing, services, renewable energy, public-private partnerships, logistics, and many other sectors, opportunities are boundless.

The results-oriented Libya Energy & Economic Summit brings the international government and private sector to the table to drive a growth agenda and get deals signed.

In preparation for the Summit, the Ambassador of Spain, Javier Ga-Larrache Olalquiaga, met with representatives of the organizer on Wednesday, 2nd of August.

The Spanish Ambassador expressed his country’s readiness to support the event while stressing his interest in Spanish companies taking a major role in this 2023 edition. The strong role of Spain’s companies in supporting Libya’s economic growth, and their participation in the Libya Energy & Economic Summit 2023, will complement their presence at the previous summit in 2021.

The Ambassador congratulated the organizers on a successful 2021 summit and pointed out that renewable energy in particular would be a focus area for Spain and its companies in this year’s event.

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