Love Levels


I have been thinking about how to make him abide by this law then I adopted this beautiful plan and initiated it.


He has been my friend; I would say that we are dating. It has been fun and beautiful.


This guy was the talk of the town, he was facially handsome and of course well endowed. I haven’t been with this kind of guy before.


The journey into this beautiful realm was coated with milk and honey, we hardly raise our voices on each other, we respected ourselves, and never wanted a third party on our journey.


If we have issues, we will settle them amicably and face the next phase of life.


But there was something that really disturbed me about him, I had noticed it and called his attention to it.


I did my best in letting him know the danger he was about to step into and for the love we shared, I protected him with everything within my capacity.


He never sees reasons with me to change from that which he was doing. It was becoming obvious and people were complaining, I bought books that will help him eradicate that attitude but he never opened them.


I was totally out of ideas; I have calmly informed him of the danger of what he was doing but nothing changed. I broke a rule in our relationship and raised my voice to him but all efforts were proved abortive.


I was at a restaurant eating when this thought popped in and I nodded and went almost immediately to initiate it.


I picked up my phone and called him.


Hello, babe, I would like to see you this evening, I gave him a location of where we will meet and ended the call.


A few hours later, we were at the location and after we have finished eating, I never wanted to pull the trigger, I became calm and was pressing my phone.


He tapped me and requested to know why the sudden outing. I hissed and faced my phone, I was crying bitterly within, I know it won’t be easy for me either but then I have to give something out to get something I needed most.


He became awed at my reaction and repeated himself, this time I have gathered enough strength to let the cat out of the bag.


Well, I know you might be awed about this I am about to say but I want you to understand that I am doing this for your sake. It won’t be easy for me too but at this juncture, I want to pause on this relationship.


His mouth gapped and tears started rolling down uncontrollably. Babe, are you serious right now? he questioned.


I nodded and kept calm.


Why are you doing this, what are your reasons? I promised to make amends of whatever it was. Remember you said you won’t hurt me, now you are killing me. Please, babe, look into my eyes and tell me you are joking.


Well, I wish it’s joke, you remember what I told you about this attitude of yours you won’t change, I have tried enough to see you through this hard time but you never wanted to accept the truth and make amends, now I am done.


I stood and left with tears on my eyebrows.


We stopped communicating even when he called, I will not take his calls.


After 5months of our breakup, I decided to chat him up on WhatsApp. A few lines of words were dropped in his inbox.


I became surprised when he responded and pleaded to visit me for the last time which I obliged.


I invited him and we started talking, he was the one who began to talk and he was praising and thanking me for taking that bold step. he said when I went home, I cried and, in the morning, I sat myself down and began to talk senses into myself.


If you don’t truly love me, you shouldn’t have done what you did and I am totally grateful to you for making me a new person.


I was astonished, I never believed it. This was someone I thought I hurt; I was thinking he will put my name in his black book but here we are.


I hugged him and kissed his forehead.


Sometimes, petting and loving him doesn’t solve the predicament. Break up with him, if he has a sense, he will retrace you and reconnect with you when he knows the truth.


“Motivation does not come by feeling; it comes from action”

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