Pasi William Sachiti is a Zimbabwean born British serial entrepreneur and inventor who invented Kar-go, a self-driving car. He is the founder and CEO of a driverless-car manufacturing company based in the UK, known as Academy of Robotics.


He is an expert in artificial intelligence and robotics who is known to be a UK competitor to multinational powerhouses, the likes of Google and Tesla. At age 19 he started his first start-up 123 registration for domain registration business which was acquired in the year it was founded. 


William is a graduate of Aberystwyth University in Wales where he studied Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. He was credited for inventing the world’s first artificial intelligence robot librarian called Hugh. 


After he received a cheque of ₤10,000 from Aberystwyth University, Sachiti and a team of scientists founded the Academy of Robotics, which developed the Kar-go, a driverless car able to deliver multiple packages by using a combination of advanced robotics and driverless vehicle technology.


The Kar-go which was launched in 2019 is hailed as Europe’s first street-legal self-driving vehicle. During its launch in London at the Goodwood Festival of Speed the self-driving vehicle was inspected by foreign dignitaries including the Zimbabwean Minister of Foreign Affairs.


The Academy of Robotics is the first company to have a made-to-be-autonomous vehicle approved for use by the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency in the UK. Sachiti’s invented technology was chosen by the British Royal Air force to make self driving deliveries in UK airbases.


William Sachiti was born in Harare in Zimbabwe but moved to the UK at the age of 17. He has had several awards and recognitions. In 2022 he was listed a finalist in the Barclays Entrepreneur of the Year Innovation Awards, still in the same year he was shortlisted as a finalist in the Financial Time’s Sifted Awards as one to watch.

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