The usage of computers is being taught to pupils in northern Liberia on board a yellow bus that travels from school to school. 


A 36-year-old technology and telecommunications technician named Jeremiah Lloyd Cooper came up with the concept. 


The entrepreneur claims that 1,000 pupils have been reached since the project started in November of last year.


Through Jeremiah’s start-up “New Breed Tech Hub,” the United Nations Development Fund, or UNDP, is funding the project. 


It is intended to speak to women as well as students.


Jeremiah the mobile computer lab founder said he was motivated and inspired after he was humiliated the first time he got into the computer lab in his school then. 


He said “I graduated from high school actually with no basic computer basics or knowledge, I didn’t even know how to power a computer”. 


“My dream has been to be able to extend computer literacy to children graduating from high school” he added. 


A computer trainer at the mobile lab, Martin B. Payedoe said, “the momentum is high, students are eager, they want to learn and even wished for more of our mobile computer lab reaching them frequently”. 


One of the students, Allen M. Koleh Jr. that participated in the computer training said the organisation educates them on computer knowledge and how to be more productive and efficient using the computer. 

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