Morocco is a culture-rich place and they were proud to showcase their heritage at the FIFA opening ceremony.

This year’s FIFA Club World Cup opening ceremony started with a display of these cultures. There were multiple performances reflecting the cultural heritage.

It begun with a short scene, narrating the story of Moroccan explorer, Ibn Battuta. His life passion reflects Morocco’s long-standing openness to the world.

There were a few traditional performances that showcased the country’s diverse cultural mix. It featured iconic Amazigh music, Jebala music. Aissaoua, and Sahrawi music on a list of 12 performances each reflecting the culture of Morocco’s 12 provinces.

At the second phase of the show, Moroccan rapper Dzdross took the stage to deliver his famous “L’kora 7na Maliha” a song that celebrates Morocco’s historic World Cup run in Qatar.

The third part of the ceremony had Morocco’s national football team Walid Regragui, delivering a short speech paying tribute to the departed football legend Pele, and recalled Morocco’s historic performance in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The opening ceremony took place in the Ibn Battuta Stadium in Tangier and was followed by the first game in the tournament at 8 p.m Morocco time.

This FIFA World Cup opening ceremony broke the record for the Most Attended Opening ceremony in the tournament’s history. 47,137 were in attendance, breaking the former record of 35,247 attendees in 2014.

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