Morocco Powers 90% of its Electric Trains with Renewables.


In an effort to decarbonize and reach its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2035, the Moroccan National Railways Office (ONCF) says it has successfully transitioned 90% of its electric trains to run on “green” energy by the start of 2024.

The ONCF launched its energy transition plan in January 2022 with the initial objective of operating 25% of all trains on renewable energy.

The feat was made known in a recent statement by authorities of the ONCF, stating that 90% of its electric trains are now powered by renewable energy, specifically electricity generated from wind power.

This achievement, according to the statement raises the overall percentage of renewable energy-powered locomotives in ONCF’s entire fleet to 25%.

Concurrently, the ONCF has been diligently working on greening and decarbonizing every facet of its operations.

This includes the gradual certification of rail sites to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and thorough impact assessments for major projects.

It was gathered that the company has also implemented an eco-driving system, integrated photovoltaic (solar) energy technologies into its buildings and stations, and consistently conducted an annual assessment of its carbon footprint.

In January 2024, the ONCF received confirmation of the certification for its MAD 1 billion ($99 thousand) green bond, issued in July 2022.

This momentous achievement underscored the company’s compliance with global guidelines for low-carbon, sustainable transportation and its alignment with the “Green Bonds Framework.”

Morocco has been demonstrating a strong commitment to renewable energy in recent years. According to Energy Minister, Leila Benali, the country is expected to experience a significant increase in green energy investments by 2027.

The government has prioritized stimulating growth in private sector investment in the green energy sector, with a forecasted fourfold growth compared to the 2009-2022 period.

The progress made by ONCF in transitioning to renewable energy aligns with Morocco’s broader efforts to embrace sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in the transportation sector.

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