On Sunday 13th of November, 2022, Mozambique President, Filipe Nyusi announced the first export of Liquefied Natural Gas from Cabo Delgado. He said “it is with great honor that I announce the start of the first export of liquefied natural gas produced in the Rovuma in Mozambique by the Coral Sul Floating Liquefied Natural Gas project. The British sponsorship departs Mozambican waters for the international market.”


Mozambique has set high hopes on vast natural gas deposits, the largest ever found in Sub-Saharan Africa that was discovered in the Northern Cabo Delgado Province in 2010.


The president further stated “the completion of this international venture is a sign of the recognition by the market that Mozambique offers a stable, transparent and predictable environment for the realization of multi-billion investments, where high technology stands out in order to monetize resources in a phase of the energy transition, therefore it must be pride to all Mozambicans”


Mozambique could become one of the world’s 10 biggest exporters if tapped and it could help ease Europe’s energy crunch.


The production platform has a capacity of producing 3.4 million tons of  Liquefied Natural Gas per year 


Despite this huge achievement, the president has urged other Mozambicans not to take gas exploration as the only solution to develop Mozambique’s economy. He stated “we must maintain and intensively increase production and productivity in our traditional activities such as agriculture, fishing, tourism, energy generation projects among others.”


 This Liquefied Natural Gas will be marketed exclusively through the British Petroleum Company for a period of 20 years as stated in their purchase and sell contract.

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