Nigerian Girl Beats Odds, Helps People With Same Condition.


Onyinye Udokporo is a successful dyslexic entrepreneur and the founder of a company called Enrich Learning, a business that provides remote tutoring and elearning to young people with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and more, in a way that is cheap and accessible. She also managed that rarest of things in business – perfect timing! She launched shortly before the pandemic and her work was extremely valuable to those who found themselves isolated from specialist teaching support when schools went online.

She was diagnosed of dyslexia early, and she had to put in the extra work in order to stand out.

Due to this, she has decided to help people also struggling with this in any way she can. She just released a new book called Dyslexia and Me.

In this book she talks about her good fortune in being diagnosed early and well supported at school. From this foundation, she was able to focus on the work, rather than wondering what was “wrong.” This is a common theme for neurodivergent people, that without a diagnosis there’s a constant question. She explained how time is wasted in the formative years. wondering what is wrong, wondering why everyone else can do something easily that they can’t do, wondering why, when they try so hard to overcome, they still fall short. Diagnosis is often the first moment when they feel heard and valued, recognized for trying their best.

Udokporo was able to use her diagnosis in childhood to build patterns of resilience and productivity that no doubt support here entrepreneurial competence. She reports, “Growing up dyslexic encouraged me to be solutions focused in my approach to life. Having spent a life time unable to read, write, spell or read a map properly I have always had to think outside of the box and figure out how to get things done. Dyslexia has made me something of a life-long problem solver. Dyslexia made me resilient and when I have had challenges, I have had to hold onto the bigger picture in a bid to give myself a sense of hope. The skills I have as a result of my dyslexia has given my businesses and every other business I have worked for the competitive edge.”

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