Nigerian Skit Maker Oga Sabinus Lauded for his Generosity.


Nigerian comedian and skit maker, Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu popularly known as Oga Sabinus or Mr. Funny was born on 30 January 1995 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 

His career in the comedy industry rose to the limelight in 2019, however, Sabinus’ career began in 2015. The super-talented comedy and skit maker discovered his flare for comedy at a young age but actively started creating skits while in the university.

Sabinus took a bold step during a School Student Union week to pursue a comedy career. He started by creating and uploading several comedy skits on his social media handles and soon after top Instagram influencers noticed his talent. He garnered a huge number of followers on the platform.

He became very popular and this earned him some notable recognition. He is now a brand ambassador for a popular betting site. Sabinus, through his comedy skits, has made not just Nigerians happy but people across the world.

Sabinus has supported others through skitmaking. Upcoming skit maker, Ukenwor Faith Ikechi popularly known as Nduka aka Wonder D is one of the few Sabinus has lent out a helping hand through skit making. Nduka appeared to be one of the popular faces in Sabinus’ skits.

Nduka spoke of his personal experience with Sabinus, whom he referred to as his father and lifesaver. He explained that he ventured into skit-making because of poverty and hunger.

He said Sabinus is his lifesaver and working with the popular skit maker for years has been a splendid and awesome experience for him. In his words, he says: “Sabinus is a friend, a father, a coach, and a supporter”.

Nduka recently revealed how kind and generous Oga Sabinus is. According to him, in the two years of working with Sabinus, he never gave him 1000 naira but the money comes in millions. 

“I have been with Sabinus for over two years, have been going to school and acting skits and he has never given me 1000 naira. He rather give me millions. 

Sometimes I look at him and wonder what I did to deserve that. While in school I had no problems as he always asked me to send my account number.

Sabinus uses his media handles to still push me, he makes everything easy for me. Truth be told only a few people share their platforms with you without getting jealous”, he said. 

According to Oga Sabinus, he is more interested in the type of content for anyone looking to collaborate with him than the money that comes with it.

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