Nigerian Veteran Actress Joke Silva Calls On Government To Invest Funds In Nollywood.



Joke Silva, a seasoned Nollywood actress, urged the Federal Government to facilitate convenient access to funds for filmmakers in Nigeria during her Tuesday conversation with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.


“In recent years, filmmakers have faced challenges in obtaining funds for film production, and it is essential for the government to intervene and support filmmakers,” she stated. She highlighted that the primary source of funds for filmmakers is the Bank of Industry (BOI), emphasizing the need to establish additional avenues.


Joke Silva, an esteemed figure in Nollywood, has emphasized the pressing need for simplified access to funds for film production. She underscores that the current hurdles are overly cumbersome and stresses the importance of establishing effective mechanisms for fund repayment to ensure a sustainable source.


Silva urges the government to reconsider imposing consistently high-interest rates, emphasizing that the primary focus should be the timely return of funds. She advises filmmakers to recognize their role in this process, encouraging them to prioritize repaying funds promptly to enable continued accessibility for others in the industry.


In addition to loans, Silva advocates for the creation of grants specifically tailored to the creative industry. These grants, she contends, would provide a crucial soft landing for filmmakers, fostering the expansion of businesses within the creative space.


To further fortify the creative sector, Silva calls on the government to enhance distribution channels for cinemas and theatrical exhibitions. Recognizing the logistical challenges, she proposes that the federal government could play a pivotal role by assisting in the form of buses and security to facilitate the seamless transport of works across the country.


Silva’s overarching message emphasizes collaboration between filmmakers and the government, striving to create an environment conducive to creativity, financial sustainability, and widespread accessibility within the Nigerian film industry. By addressing these multifaceted challenges, she envisions a thriving creative landscape where filmmakers can flourish and contribute to the cultural and economic growth of the nation.


Joke Silva emphasizes the crucial role of government support in enabling creatives to produce and sustain their work for extended periods. According to her, the longevity of works directly correlates with increased revenue for producers. In light of the current economic challenges, Silva advocates for collaborative efforts among colleagues, urging practitioners to pool resources and explore innovative strategies within the creative space.


While acknowledging the government’s efforts to stabilize the economy, Silva stresses the importance of self-reliance within the creative industry. She proposes that through collaboration, where four practitioners join forces instead of two, the industry can broaden its reach, leading to potentially higher earnings for actors. 


  • In essence, Silva highlights the power of collective action and strategic partnerships in navigating economic uncertainties and fostering sustained growth within the Nigerian creative sector.
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