Nollywood, Kazakhstani Movie Industries Collaborate On Debut Film ‘Adam BOL.




In a groundbreaking collaboration, Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, and the Kazakhstani film industry joined forces for the first time to create a shared project named “Adam BOL,” filmed in both Kazakhstan and Lagos.


Principal photography for the film “Adam BOL” has concluded in Lagos, featuring a cast representing both Nigeria and Kazakhstan. Co-directed by Cheta Chukwu from Nigeria and Almaz Alimzhanov from Kazakhstan, the action comedy narrates the misadventures of three adventurous Kazakhstani men on a journey to America. However, an emergency landing in Nigeria unfolds a series of events that challenge their life ideals, resulting in profound personal lessons.


Documenting their experiences in Lagos, the film unfolds the challenges faced by the protagonists as they navigate the vibrant hustle and bustle of the West African city, showcasing their journey back to America. The ensemble cast of “Adam BOL” features renowned Nigerian actors including Chimezie Imo, Bisola Aiyeola, Broda Shaggi, Ebele Okaro-Onyiuke, Victor Udochukwu Nwaogu, Charles Inojie, and Toyin Oshinaike. 


On the Kazakhstani side, the cast includes Kuanysh Kudaibergen, Ryskul Konakbayev, and Roman Rauan. Co-directed by Cheta Chukwu and Almaz Alimzhanov, the film promises a blend of cultural perspectives, humor, and a narrative that captures the essence of their journey amidst the contrasting landscapes of Lagos and America. As the characters grapple with unforeseen challenges, “Adam BOL” explores the universal themes of self-discovery and personal growth.


Before taking on “Adam BOL,” Nigerian director Cheta Chukwu lent his writing talents to Nollywood endeavors, such as “Payday” and the short film “Deranged.” Echoing the thematic parallels found in “Adam BOL,” “Payday,” released in 2018 and featuring Bisola Aiyeola, unravels a narrative where protagonists confront unexpected situations, mirroring the essence of “Adam BOL.” 


The film introduces two flatmates entangled in an overnight misadventure following an extravagant night out, as they strive to recover their rent money to pay their deceased landlord’s daughter. Chukwu’s storytelling prowess shines through in both projects, showcasing a penchant for crafting engaging narratives within the realms of unforeseen circumstances and humorous escapades. Through “Payday,” he skillfully weaves a comedic yet relatable tale that explores the complexities of life’s unexpected twists, leaving audiences entertained and introspective. 


This narrative dexterity evident in “Payday” foreshadows Chukwu’s ability to navigate similar thematic terrain in “Adam BOL,” promising a cinematic journey filled with humor, challenges, and insightful storytelling.

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