November 2022 Edition of the Photogenic Stride Contest by AfriSQuare Kicks Off


The November 2022 edition of the  Photogenic Stride Contest by AfriSQuare has kicked off today as a winner and other runner-ups emerges from the October edition. This contest which was created to showcase the true beauty of the African woman has proven to be a starting point for aspiring models in Africa, which is evident in the past editions.




Tricia Andong from Nigeria who contested in the October edition  with 80 ladies from other African Countries is the winner with 3,149.5 votes. She is now an AfriSQuare model as she joins the league of other AfriSQuare models, like Princess Monic from Kenya who contested with other 99 ladies from across Africa in the September 2022 Photogenic Stride Contest edition and won with 5,521 votes.   



Currently, ladies from across Africa are warming up to win this November 2022 edition as the contest to showcase the true beauty of the African woman intensifies. The AfriSQuare photogenic stride contest is one of a kind as contestants of the previous editions have benefited either as winners, runners ups or via the consolation prize. But you must have at least shared your links with your family and friends for you to be voted for, as you can have a chance to become the winner.


The AfriSQuare monthly photogenic stride contest is based on pure merit as it is a virtual event with transparency in operations. The more you share your link with your family and friends to vote for you, the higher the chances you have to win. If are you an African lady, then click here to contest for the November 2022 photogenic stride contest.


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