Who asked you to talk to me? Do I seem stupid to you? Knowing I will likely be the first suspect, I cannot do something like that. I took her as my daughter, I treated her as one as well. I blame my wife, I don’t see why she needed house help, we were doing just fine.


Was it Ama? Ever since I found out about her relationship with Salem, she has had it out for me, I am not even trying to snitch, why is she being so testy, is it the guilt? I was not even judging, I have seen worse things than that.


I met Diane at a restaurant, she was on a call and her voice was really loud, I turned to see who felt the need to be noticed. When I saw her, I knew I wanted her. I often think I don’t deserve good things and that day I fought a war internally, I wanted her but I didn’t know if I deserved her. I walked up to her, ignoring every other warning my head gave me, and introduced myself. She smiled at me and introduced herself. Until today I can’t remember what we talked about but I still remember her expression while she talked. It felt like she was so happy to talk to me, and I can’t remember ever feeling like someone was so happy to see me let alone talk to me. We saw a few more times after that and she always had that happy expression, it made me feel better about myself, it made me feel like I was not all bad. I may have overdone it, I mean the seeing her aspect but who in my shoes wouldn’t do the same?


We got married and everything was rosy until she started her quest for a child, I noticed her get sadder and sadder. I wanted to do everything she wanted, everything that would make her happy, unfortunately I could not do this one. I even opted for an adoption but she said she wasn’t trying that route yet.


When she started hosting dinner parties for her friends, I saw a little glimmer on her face, and I made sure I did everything to keep that dinner going. Everything.


To the outside eyes, it was a boring group of people meeting to eat and trying to convince themselves that they were not getting old. The only thing wrong about that assumption is that they are not boring, if you knew what happens behind the scenes, you will understand that these people are a very interesting bunch.

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