You are judging me, right?

It was not my proudest moment but if I was to go back in time, I will still do it. It was the one time my life seemed perfect. He was perfect for me. I knew him, parts of him that no one else knew; the dark parts he has accepted, his demons, and even the bright parts he seemed not to be aware of.

We met at a very exclusive party, he was not supposed to be there, and when he saw me, I saw the fear all over his face so I smiled and told him he didn’t have to be scared, that his secret was safe with me. We kept running each other throughout the party, and I realized he was not having fun. I was a cockblock that night, and that was very laughable. 

He walked up to me at one point, and I told him that he didn’t need to let guilt make him hang out with me, he laughed and said that was not why, that he was just fascinated. I didn’t ask him why he was fascinated, but he explained anyways. He said he didn’t understand what someone like me was doing here, I told him I thought the same about him.

We talked for a long time, maybe it was the alcohol but I was fascinated, I wanted to keep talking to him, I wanted to keep hearing what he had to say. We kept in touch after that night, I got to keep hearing what he had to say, and that was what started the affair.

What? He didn’t tell you about that? I shouldn’t have talked about it.

No, it wasn’t to spite Sarah, I swear it wasn’t, but I am not stupid enough to label what happened between us a “mistake”.

I was in love, he was too. Do you know why I was confident about that? I knew his dark sides, and he knew mine, despite that, I didn’t see him any differently, and I think it was the same for him too.

It came to an end because someone else became involved, I was so stupid. I don’t think I want to talk about that yet.

What does this have to do with the murder? It ended a long time ago, now we just steal glances, and look at each other lustfully.

If you are looking for where to point fingers maybe look into Diane’s husband, it is always the innocent-looking ones, isn’t it?

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