You want to know how Sam knows me, don’t you? I will save that for later.

When I saw Sarah, I knew she would be the perfect plus one, she was smart, ambitious, shallow, attracted attention, and liked the better things in life, but most importantly she was aloof. She was exactly what I needed.

It surprises me how much Sarah can pull off being smart and stupid at the same time; sometimes I suspect she knows something but then she proves me wrong.

Is this about the murder? I know nothing about it, I know nothing about the girl in question, there is no way we are connected; okay, there is a way, but not enough to want her dead, there were other ways to keep her shut. When the scream came, I was just as shocked as the others.

I hated Sam, probably because of the way we knew each other or the fact he acted so self-righteous and judgemental like he wouldn’t do the same if he was given a chance; sadly, people like him don’t get the kind of chances people like me got.

Whenever I was around Sarah’s friends, I felt like the most important person in their means, I am not even going to deny it, it is a good feeling. The only other person that radiated so much power was Sam’s wife and I admired her for it, I also admired Sam a little because, for someone that was spineless, he needed that.

Sarah on the other hand gave me the ick, she was always wanting to be the center of attention and I imagine she thought she was being subtle with it. She wasn’t because I was not the only one noticing it.

Ama, as beautiful as they come. She was smart but not in a show-off way, she listened like you were giving her the recipe for immortality, she was relatable, she was enthusiastic, expressive, and deep in ways you didn’t know people could be. Those kinds, they don’t make those anymore.

She was once the only good thing in my life, and I wasn’t good enough for hers but I didn’t care. Sam knew.

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