Project in Sierra Leone Empowers Youths in Science, Leadership.


Project 1808, an annual science and leadership festival in Kabala, Sierra Leone, has been making a significant impact over the past seven years. Alhaji U. N’jai, the founder of 1808 Inc. project, emphasizes the importance of providing opportunity and motivation to individuals, regardless of their background. With a focus on nurturing talent and ambition, the festival has enabled numerous young Sierra Leoneans to excel.


This transformative initiative has not only motivated participants but has also paved the way for their academic and professional success. Many young individuals who have attended Project 1808 have gone on to pursue higher education and secure jobs across various fields. The festival’s influence extends beyond the event, leaving a lasting imprint on the lives of the attendees.


Umu Kessoh Jalloh is a testament to the positive impact of Project 1808. She highlights how the festival has changed her life by enhancing her public speaking and oral expression skills. The supportive environment at Project 1808 encourages participants to overcome shyness and develop vital communication skills. The festival catalyzes personal growth and empowerment.


With over 500 delegates in attendance this year, Project 1808 has become an integral part of the community. The festival not only imparts knowledge but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration. The Socratic method, emphasizing collective discussion, allows participants to exchange ideas with moderators, contributing to a dynamic and engaging learning environment.


Sue Balmes, a facilitator from Lake Michigan College, emphasizes the excitement of learning and becoming better global citizens. The festival instills a sense of responsibility and encourages participants to contemplate how they can contribute positively to society. The impact of Project 1808 extends far beyond the duration of the festival, with attendees motivated to make a difference in their communities.


Rebecca C. Kamara, a student at Kabala Christian Secondary School, shares her experience of attending the festival for the second time. Engaging in small group work sessions, she reflects on learning more about leadership. Leadership, as described by Rebecca, involves the ability to lead, take responsibility, and inspire others to pursue their aspirations, ultimately contributing to societal betterment.


The festival encompasses diverse discussions, including round table sessions on food security, career development, culture, and the arts. These topics reflect the holistic approach of Project 1808, addressing not only leadership skills but also crucial aspects of community development. By incorporating a wide range of subjects, the festival ensures a comprehensive learning experience for the participants.


In conclusion, Project 1808 in Sierra Leone has emerged as a transformative force, providing opportunities and motivation to young individuals. The festival’s emphasis on leadership, coupled with discussions on various societal issues, creates a well-rounded learning platform. As a result, Project 1808 continues to shape the lives of its participants, empowering them to become proactive contributors to their communities and global citizens.

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