Random Interesting Facts About Africa You May Not Know


Random Interesting Facts About Africa You May Not Know



Africa is considered the origin of mankind by many scientists. A cultural rich mixture of African natives with fascinating traditions are scattered across the 54 independent countries. Among all the seven continents in the World, Africa stands out as a distinctively unique continent with an unending well of natural resources, rich in diverse cultural heritage. Tourists from all over the world are attracted to Africa.


Though there are misconceptions and negativity being projected by the foreign media about Africa by pointing out more of the alarming poverty level, insecurities, war and famine. Africa is really better than what you might have heard. This continent has an interesting history as well as a rich geography and biodiversity that inspires tourists and visitors from all over the world.


Random Amazing Facts About Africa 


Africa is the second largest continent in the world both in population and size covering a total area of 11 million square miles which account for 5.7% of the earth’s surface alongside 20% of the total land surface on the planet. African has a few disputed territories alongside 54 independent countries with Algeria being the largest African country by geographical area. Sudan used to be the largest African country before it was split into Sudan and South Sudan.


The length and breadth of the African continent are almost the same as it measures at 4,660 from the north to south and east to west. Africa is divided into two separate halves – the north and south which is due to the movement of the Equator which goes around 2,500 miles from the east to the west of the African continent. The Equator passes through African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, congo as well as Somalia.


Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa with an estimated population of 160 million people thereby representing 18% of Africa’s total population.  The Nigerian people are the most significant feature of Nigeria as hundreds of languages are spoken such as hausa, igbo, yoruba, efik and a whole lot of others alongside culture and traditions being kept and practiced.


Not pointing out the number of ethnic groups and languages in Africa may not prove a full point that the African continent is indeed unique, with over 3,000 distinct ethnic groups and over 2,000 different languages spoken in Africa.  Nigeria alone accounts for 370 of these languages. However, Arabic is the most widely spoken language in Africa followed by English, Swahili and French.


Even when the white controlled media do portray Africa as a dark uncivilized continent, they never mentioned that the world’s oldest existing university is the University of Karueein in Morocco which is in Africa. This University was founded as far back as 859 AD by Fatima al-Fihri in Fez, Morocco.


Seychelles which is an Island republic located in the western Indian Ocean is the smallest country in Africa with a population of over 95,000 people and comprises of 115 islands with lush tropical vegetation, beautiful beaches and a wide variety of marine life. The capital of Seychelles is Victoria and is located on the Island of Mahe.


Africa boasts of numerous water bodies that outstands other water bodies around the world. One of such water body is the River Nile which is the longest river in the world that runs around 4,150 miles before it meets the Ocean. The River Nile flows through several African countries like Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda and Egypt which enable these countries’ soil to be fertile for Agricultural purposes. Another waterbody to take note of is the Victoria Falls which is the largest waterfall in Africa and located on the Zambia and Zimbabwe border. The height of the Victoria Falls is 355 feet whereas the width of the waterfall run into almost a mile.


Madagascar is the largest Island in Africa and also the 4th largest Island in the world which lies off the east coast of Africa with a length of around 1,000 miles with a width of around 350 miles.


The Sahara desert situated in Africa is the largest desert in the world measuring approximately 3,000 miles or 4,800 km from east to west and 800 to 1,200 miles from north to south. The actual area varies as the desert expands and contrasts over time but fills nearly all of northern Africa thereby covering over 8,000 square km. The Sahara Desert is bordered in the north by the Atlas Mountains and Meditarenean sea and in the west by the Atlantic Ocean, the east by the Red Sea and in the south by the Sahel which is a semi-arid region that forms a transitional zone between the belt of humid savannas in the south and the Sahara in the north.



Africa is so diverse that we cannot cover all the random interesting facts and like the saying goes, no one is an island of knowledge.  So with that said, you also have an opportunity to comment below other random interesting facts about Africa that are not mentioned here.


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