Ric Hassani Joins Cast For ‘Spiraling’ movie.


Ric Hassani, born Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performer known for his soulful voice and unique style. His musical journey began with releasing singles like “Dance Dance Baby” before gaining widespread recognition with the 2015 hit “Gentleman.” Hassani’s debut album, “The African Gentleman” (2017), showcased his fusion of soul, pop, and African sounds. With hits like “Only You” and “Thunder Fire You,” he has carved a niche in the Afro-soul genre. Ric Hassani’s artistry is characterized by heartfelt lyrics and a commitment to storytelling through his music.


The Nigeria  singer,  Ric Hassani is now part of the cast for the upcoming series “Spiraling.” In an exclusive conversation with Pulse, Wande Thomas, an executive producer of the show, expressed that the choice marks a significant full-circle moment.


Having previously collaborated as a producer on Ric Hassani’s music video five years ago, Wande Thomas, now an executive producer, sees their reunion for “Spiraling” as a meaningful full-circle moment. Thomas, once deeply entrenched in the music industry, transitioned from a full-time creative to an executive producer years ago. Through Urbangidi Showtime, his production company, he spearheaded initiatives like Madeaux Africa and the podcast network responsible for Menism and Lowkey Relatable. Reflecting on their collaboration, Thomas expressed eagerness for Ric’s involvement in the project, highlighting the transformative journey from their earlier music video collaboration to their current partnership in different capacities. Anticipating a stellar performance, Thomas looks forward to contributing to Hassani’s immersion in the upcoming series.


Urbangidi Showtime, in collaboration with Studio Ogiso Inc. led by Isoken Ogiemwonyi, a fashion media executive, will produce the thriller series “Spiraling.” The narrative explores the life of a tech entrepreneur navigating the intricacies of her creation, anchored in understanding the human psyche and reactions under pressure. Wande Thomas, also the screenwriter, takes on the role of director for the series.

Set to commence production this month in Lagos, the cast already includes Folu Storms and Seun Ajayi. Ric Hassani, familiar with acting from his role in the REDTV rom-com “When Are We Getting Married,” joins the set, bringing his talent to this new project. The collaboration between Urbangidi Showtime and Studio Ogiso Inc. underscores a convergence of creative forces in the making of “Spiraling.”

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