Rwanda Joins World to Celebrate International Museum Day.


On May 18, every year, the global museum community comes together to celebrate the role of museums in society. For this year’s commemoration, Rwanda joined the global community to celebrate International Museum Day. it is being celebrated at the Natural Heritage Museum in Karongi district under the theme “The role of museums in sustainable development”.

The cultural council in Rwanda organized a series of activities as part of the celebrations such as campaigns in schools, visits to heritage sites, and symposiums on Rwanda’s heritage. The Director General of Rwanda Cultural Heritage Academy, Robert Masozera before the celebration pointed out the existence of permanent and temporary exhibitions in eight public museums which include the King’s Palace, Rwesero Art Museum, National Museum, Kandt House Museum, Rwanda Art Museum, Campaign against Genocide Museum, Natural Heritage Museum, and National Liberation War History in Mulindi.

There were also notable initiatives Masozera mentioned, undertaken by the Cultural Council like a partnership with Google Art and cultural space to digitize Rwandan cultural assets, engagement with youth through the Rwanda Heritage Hub project, and the opening of temporary exhibitions at different museums. 

Museums in Rwanda however, are met with several challenges. The Director stressed the need for improved technologies for conserving and displaying Rwandan heritage, greater engagement from private sectors, enhanced capacity of buildings, and the renovation of existing cultural heritage interpretation layouts.

The Rwanda Heritage Cultural Academy is working together with the public, especially the youth to address these problems and also to preserve Rwandan cultural heritage and transform it into valuable products.  

The cultural heritage in Rwanda is widely promoted through television, radio, and various social platforms to attract visitors from across the world. Putting together exhibitions that highlight traditional practices, folklore, and historical events, museums in Rwanda aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the country’s cultural legacy for both locals and international visitors.

Every year, International Museum Day focuses on a distinct theme that shifts to represent a current global issue or theme confronting museums. IMD gives museum professionals the chance to interact with the general people, inform them of the difficulties that museums encounter, and increase public understanding of the significance of museums to the advancement of society. Additionally, it encourages conversation among museum specialists.

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