Rwandan Artist Marina Talks Collabos, New Chapter.


Following a protracted break from music, Rwandan singer-songwriter Marina (born Marine Uwase Ingabire) is working hard to further her career by continuing to produce hits that reach the top of the charts and speak to the joys and hardships of everyday life.

Under the direction of singer and radio host Uncle Austin, Marina rose to prominence in 2017 and subsequently signed to the Mane music label in 2018. Even though she became well-known, her involvement with the organization didn’t last long after it started.

The singer of “Log Out” has announced that she is currently working with renowned artist manager Alex Muyoboke. Muyoboke has handled a number of singers, including Charly and Nina, Tom Close, Social Mulla, and The Ben.

She said, “Indeed, we are collaborating right now. Still, I wouldn’t consider it a supervisory position. He assists me and acts as my special counselor”.

“Muyoboke is not new to the local entertainment industry. Each artist he has collaborated with has advanced to a successful degree. She clarified, “We are partners because of his unwavering success and support.”

Marina stated that she wants to release her music outside of the nation. Considering Muyoboke’s proven track record of accomplishment, she thinks his wide network of contacts will make this possible.

The singer recently collaborated with Ugandan artist Ykee Benda on a song called “Ndokose,” which translates to “I am saved.” This was the singer’s first project with Ugandan musicians, and it quickly amassed over 190,000 views in only one week.

She discussed the song’s success and the wonderful comments she received from fans in Rwanda and Uganda, stating that the Ugandan audience was the source of the song’s strong reception.

The “True Love” singer also revealed plans for an impending album release, which is almost ready but has not yet been finalized in terms of a release date or month. Her first album release will be this one.

Marina called on other musicians to put cooperation above everything else—not merely for profit—in order to create a peaceful music business.

Marina has a number of songs other than “Ndokose,” including hits like “Shawe,” “Oo! Nanana,” “True Love” featuring Safi Madiba, “Like That,” “Tubisubiremo,” “Decision,” and many more.

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