South African Zulu King Undergoes Medical Examinations Admist Suspected Poisoning


Prince Africa Zulu, spokesperson for South African Zulu King Misuzulu kaZwelithini, released an update Sunday, stating that the monarch had undergone “thorough” medical examinations in neighbouring Eswatini, following the sudden death of his close adviser Douglas Xaba.



This suspected poisoning and subsequent testing occurred after six weeks of feuding within the royal family over the succession from the previous monarch, King Zwelithini who passed away in March 2021 after more than 50 years in charge.



Reports confirm that Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, influential prime minister of the Zulu family, said Xaba passed away “quite suddenly” and “there are suspicions he was poisoned”.



Yet the royal spokesman assured that King Misuzulu is currently in perfect health and not hospitalized. He criticised the claim as an “orchestrated agenda” to circulate “baseless claims of His Majesty’s ill health”.



Multiple security sources in Eswatini reported heavy security at a nearby private hospital due to the royal visit.



King Zwelithini left six wives and 28 children, and with his passing, left a will naming his third wife as regent of Misuzulu, the chosen successor.



However, the Queen unfortunately died a month later, leading to further complexities of succession. Additionally, in September 2020, another counsellor was shot dead on the sidelines of a traditional ceremony.



Though the title of King of the Zulu nation doesn’t carry executive power, the monarchy wields great moral influence over 11 million Zulus out of South Africa’s entire population of 60 million.



As this news story arises, many royal family followers and South African citizens await further updates.



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