South Africa’s Budget2024 Promotes Unity For Lasting Economic Growth.


During the 2024 Budget Speech, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana made numerous promises and unveiled budget allocations for state-owned entities, provinces, and municipalities. The announcements encompass a range of financial commitments, signaling the government’s strategic distribution of resources across various sectors to stimulate economic growth and support local governance.

Russel Morena, Chief Executive Officer of the Southern African Institute of Government Auditors (SAIGA), thoroughly explores the Budget Speech, focusing on South Africa’s capacity to overcome challenges.

In his examination, Morena highlights the numerous weaknesses within the South African system, pinpointing challenges related to economic growth, employment creation, state performance, service delivery, and an escalating debt burden.

According to Morena, the intricate web of challenges suggests that South Africa is grappling with significant issues on multiple fronts. He underscores the ongoing struggle of the economy to achieve sustained growth, accentuated by the imperative need for job creation.

As he scrutinizes the Budget Speech, Morena emphasizes the pressing need for the country to address these complex challenges comprehensively. The analysis reflects a critical evaluation of South Africa’s current situation, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to foster robust and sustainable economic development.

Furthermore, the state’s performance and service delivery have raised concerns. Morena emphasizes that the increasing debt burden is exerting substantial pressure on the nation’s financial resources. Despite acknowledging South Africa’s efforts in a positive direction, Morena asserts that the country is essentially in survival mode. He highlights the Minister’s necessity to tap into the golden reserve account to manage state debt and diminish the borrowing requirement, a move aimed at alleviating the anxiety of ordinary citizens. This action serves as a stark indication of the challenging economic circumstances.

While recognizing the steps taken by South Africa, Morena underscores the prevailing survival mindset. The decision to access the Golden Reserve account demonstrates the severity of the situation, portraying the government’s measures to navigate economic challenges while maintaining a delicate balance to avoid unsettling the general populace. Morena’s assessment sheds light on the intricate financial intricacies and the delicate balancing act the country is currently undertaking.

In his evaluation of the Budget Speech, Morena recognizes the attempts to tackle challenges but conveys a perceived lack of urgency and the requirement for decisive action. He notes that utilizing the country’s reserve account to manage state debt signals a stringent fiscal environment and the necessity for prudent financial management. While acknowledging its necessity, Morena suggests that this move could underscore the gravity of the financial constraints confronting the nation. His fiscal critique emphasizes the importance of proactive measures and prudent financial decisions to navigate the challenges effectively.

Additionally, Morena underscored the necessity for efficient policy implementation, especially in crucial sectors like electricity, rail, and port infrastructure. Despite having the appropriate policy framework, he notes that the implementation pace has been sluggish, impeding both progress and economic development. Morena describes this “two steps forward, one step back” approach as worrisome, emphasizing the imperative for heightened efficiency and expediency in propelling economic reforms.

Advocating for economic synergy, Morena, as an auditor, urges a comprehensive strategy to address economic challenges. This involves not only focusing on tax policy and revenue collection but also tackling issues like state capacity, infrastructure investment, and economic growth. SAIGA emphasizes the necessity for a collaborative endeavor involving government, business, and civil society to drive sustainable economic development, fostering opportunities for all citizens. Morena underscores the need for a cohesive and coordinated approach to addressing the root causes of inequality and unemployment, ensuring transparent public expenditure. The institute commits to closely monitoring the country’s economic and fiscal landscape, offering valuable insights for informed decision-making and policy formulation. With concerted efforts, Morena expresses hope that South Africa can overcome financial obstacles and achieve lasting economic growth and development.


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