Simon Petrus is a teenage 12 grader who goes to Abraham Iyambo Senior Secondary school. Simon has invented a simless phone that requires no airtime to call anyone, anywhere.


The phone was made from parts from a telephone and television set. It has taken two years for Simon to complete this Project. The financial aspect was a bit difficult as his unemployed parents had to scrape together $2,000 to make sure the project is successful.


One of his teachers described him as an average student in general but one who led his peers in sciences. Last year he won a gold medal at the Nam Power National Schools’ Competition after he invented a machine that serves as a seed drier and cooler. His science teacher Taimi Vatileni told New Era “when he won last year, some judges were of the opinion that there was an engineer at home who was helping him. But the only help he has is from us the teachers here at school. He came up with his own project”.


The phone is made up of a radio system. It is attached to a box and makes voice calls while also doubling as a tv, allowing the user to watch one TV channel. Calls can be made to anyone, anywhere as long as it’s done in a place  with radio frequency.


Apart from this simless phone being able to make calls without airtime it has other features like; a working radio, television, light bulb, fan, socket. He aspires to become an electronics engineer when he grows.


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