Timi Dakolo Drops ‘Men of the South,’ Anticipates New Album.




Timi Dakolo, born on January 20, 1981, in Accra, Ghana, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter celebrated for his soulful voice and poignant lyrics. His musical journey gained prominence in 2007 when he emerged as the winner of the inaugural season of West African Idols, a regional version of the global Idol franchise.


Dakolo’s debut album, “Beautiful Noise,” released in 2011, showcased his versatility and garnered critical acclaim. Known for infusing R&B, soul, and gospel elements into his music, he has become a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene. Timi Dakolo’s discography includes hits like “Iyawo Mi” and “The Vow,” reflecting his commitment to love and family. Beyond his musical pursuits, Dakolo is recognized for his advocacy work, addressing social issues in Nigeria. His impactful career has solidified him as one of Nigeria’s leading contemporary musicians.


Timi Dakolo, the acclaimed Nigerian singer-songwriter, has recently dropped his newest single, ‘Men of the South,’ building anticipation for his much-awaited third studio album titled ‘The Chorus Leader.’ Crafted by Masterkraft, ‘Men of the South’ stands as an anthem, a tribute honoring the prosperity, resilience, and cultural heritage of the Southern Nigerian populace.


Hailing from Bayelsa State in southern Nigeria, Timi Dakolo uses his emotive singing and meaningful lyrics to lead listeners through a musical exploration that honors the richness and cultural heritage of the southern part of Nigeria. Talking about what inspired his latest single, Timi Dakolo mentioned,


Timi Dakolo, a maestro in connecting through music, dedicates his song ‘Men of the South’ to his native South-South Nigeria. With profound admiration, Dakolo praises the region as a treasure trove and celebrates its rich cultural heritage. The artist, renowned for his emotive performances, aims to instill pride among listeners. Through the rhythmic and harmonious melodies of the song, Dakolo weaves a narrative that acknowledges and honors the valuable contributions of the South-South to the nation. ‘Men of the South’ becomes a heartfelt ode, echoing the artist’s deep connection and appreciation for the richness of his homeland.


You can find ‘Men of the South’ on all streaming platforms, offering listeners a taste of the infectious singer’s talent as they anticipate the launch of Dakolo’s upcoming album.

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