In partnership with the Government of Canada, Challenge Works declared Togo’s Green Industry Plast the top winner of the Afri-Plastics Challenge. The Togolese company won a one million euros cash prize to scale its plastic waste collection, sorting, and recycling solution.

Afri-Plastics Challenge was launched in July 2021 and is organized alongside the Canadian government. The Challenge awards inventive thinkers who have developed scalable solutions to combat plastic waste in Africa and reduce the amount of pollution entering the ocean. 

The Challenge received 1,141 applications from all parts of Africa and Green Industry Plast is one of the nine groups of innovators from sub-Saharan Africa to which the scheme awarded a package of 4.1 million euros in the final stage of its competition that took place on 13th to 16th March in Nairobi, Kenya.

Together with its promoter, Bemah Gado of Togo, Green Industry Plast – Togo is one of the three finalists that took home the award for the “Accelerating Growth” strand while the two others were Chanja Datti from Nigeria and Mega Gas from Kenya and they both received awards of 750,000 euros and 500,000 euros respectively.

Green Industry Plast – Togo set up plastic waste collection units and sorting facilities in the main cities in Togo with the assistance of Local authorities and the waste collected is recycled. In 2017, GIP was established and has been backed by the Support Fund for Youth Economic Initiatives (FAIEJ), as well as supporting its involvement in the Afri-Plastics Challenge.

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