Ugandan Government Makes Move to Boost Tourism

  • The president revealed this while meeting with investors and trade representatives at the forum.

According to Ugandan President Museveni, the government pointed out one of the methods to increase tourism in Uganda which is to construct a number of upcountry airfields that will benefit travelers in general as well as visitors. 

The President referred to Uganda’s climate as the best and most favorable for tourists worldwide while speaking to investors and trade representatives at the annual Trade Representative Forum (TRF) at the State House in Entebbe organized by the Presidential Advisory Committee on Exports and Industrial Development (PACEID). Museveni said, “We used to experience unrest, but that has long stopped. Promotion is now the only problem”.

While giving his speech, he said “I have already told the government that we need to build more airfields near the national parks. This is because some rich people do not have time to come and land at Entebbe and drive 500 miles to Kidepo national park. Only small people can manage to do that but the rich people want to come in their private jets, land in the national park, and then fly out. So, we shall have to build more hard surface airports in Kidepo, Kasese, Kihihi, Gulu, and so on”.

According to Daudi Migereko, the Chairman of the Uganda Tourism Board, tourism was Ugand’s top source of foreign exchange before the Covid pandemic, bringing $1.6 million dollars for the country. It was also predicted that between 2020 and 2026, Uganda would be among the 10 destinations with the fastest growth rates for leisure, travel, and spending.

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