Zanzibar Considers Direct Flight to Saudi Arabia.


The Saudi Arabian government has been asked by Zanzibar to take into account starting direct flights from Riyadh to the Isles.

A direct flight from the nation to Zanzibar will be a significant chance to increase trade and fortify relationships, according to Zanzibar State Minister, Office of the President (Constitution, Legal Affairs, Public Service and Good Governance), Mr. Haroun Ali Suleiman.

Mr. Suleiman explained this when he welcomed the Acting Saudi Arabian ambassador to Tanzania, Mr. Fahad Al Harb, who paid him a visit at his office in Mazizini. He further noted that the move will also ease transporting pilgrims to and from Mecca. 

During the meeting which focused on developing cooperation between the two countries, Mr. Suleiman pointed out that Saudi Arabia Airlines’ direct flight is much needed, especially, during pilgrimages to ease transportation to people wishing to perform the holy journey. 

He said, “We can prepare in advance effective strategies for the transportation of pilgrims and other citizens. This will to a greater extent help to minimize the inconvenience of travelers from Tanzania to Mecca.”

According to the Minister, most of the Tanzanian pilgrims going to Mecca are from Zanzibar, in which this year a total of 2,500 pilgrims out of more than 3,000 who traveled were from Zanzibar, necessitating a direct flight. 

“Normally, when pilgrims and citizens book to Saudi Arabia they have to go to Dar es Salaam. It is a necessity that we have a direct flight from Saudi Arabia to Zanzibar. This will make it easier for our travelers to end connecting multiple flights through Qatar-Doha to Oman-Muscat and other places,” he added. 

He revealed that the request has already been submitted to the respective ministry of the Saudi Arabia government as they look forward to a positive response. 

Sheikh Fahad Al Harb, the acting Saudi Arabian ambassador to Tanzania, stated that the Saudi government will continue to work with Zanzibar to promote many fields such as health and education. The representative declared, “We will keep working together for the benefit of citizens of Saudi Arabia and Zanzibar.”

In a similar development, Amb. Al Harb gave the Zanzibar government more than a thousand dates to give to disadvantaged populations.


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