Ademola Rasaq Seriki is the Nigerian ambassador to the kingdom of Spain who served until his death in the early hours of Thursday, 15th of December 2022.


He was born on the 30th of November, 1959 in Lagos. He started as a clerical officer in the Lagos city council in 1978, had a brief working experience at International Bank for West Africa Ltd which is now known as Afribank.


He earned a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degree in accounting, finance and management from the City University of New York. he completed a Senior Executive Education and earned a certificate in national and international security at John F. Kennedy School of Government.


He was a politician, a qualified teacher in business, accounting and mathematics; he was also a businessman and a public administrator.


He has previously served the country as Nigeria’s minister of state for defense. He was also accredited as the permanent representative of Nigeria to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation.


In May, 2009, he was installed as the Ottun Aare of Lagos. He was once the PDP chairman of Lagos Island Local Government Area and later in 2003 he became the party’s standard bearer for the Lagos Island Federal Constituency.


In 2005, he started serving as secretary of the Lagos State PDP disciplinary committee and in 2006, he was appointed the Lagos State Vice-chairman of PDP. 


He assumed the position of Nigerian Ambassador to Spain in 2021. He served till he died in Madrid, Spain as reported by his children. He is survived by wives and children. 

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