Afrobeat Singer, Made Kuti Hailed for Electrifying Performance at Zanzibar Festival.


Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Made Kuti performed at the Old Fort Main Stage in Zanzibar to round off the 21st Sauti za Busara festival. Unlike other artists who began with a low tone and vigor, Made Kuti’s performance was a master class in energy. There was an air of excitement about the gathering.

A pure eagerness permeated the air as their joyous yells filled it. Enthusiastically following the music, the fans showed their admiration for the gifted musician’s performance by dancing and cheering.

Made Kuti described his introductory act as a warm-up, introducing the audience to music that will let them let loose and dance.

The audience responded to the unique energy he brought to the stage by nodding their heads, grinning, and swaying their waists and hips in time with the sound design created by Made Kuti’s crew.

To sum up, the opening was a stunning exhibition of energy. It was a difficult accomplishment for Made Kuti to win over so many festivalgoers with his performance.

Attendee Marcus Lewis expressed his enthusiasm and respect for Made Kuti’s seminal work.

“Made Kuti gave a fantastic performance on stage. He was flawless in every manner. I had intended to head back to my hotel room since it was becoming late, but his performance was so engrossing that I lost track of time.”

“He was a master at what he did. This was my first time attending the Sauti za Busara festival, and I am definitely coming back next year,” he said.

Made Kuti and his band showcased their cultural history on a beautifully decorated stage with an amazing performance.

They had a fantastic stage presence and welcomed the crowd with a procession of lights. While the other band members played drums, guitar, and piano, Made Kuti performed on the saxophone.

To enhance the whole atmosphere, three band members danced while costumed in traditional clothing.

The band’s superb synchronization was one of the performance’s most notable aspects. From the beginning, they showcased their vocal, dance, and instrumental talents, creating an incredibly distinctive and remarkable encounter.

Their collaboration improved the show by giving the audience a smooth, unified experience.

The performance was made more captivating and thrilling by the band’s synchronized motions, musical arrangements, and partnership with Made Kuti.

The audience was left with a lasting impression of Made Kuti and his band’s chemistry and synchronization, which improved the overall quality of the performance at the event.

Made Kuti’s expert saxophone playing demonstrated his love for music. They were so smooth with the instruments that it seemed like they were singing over live music.

Made Kuti expressed his appreciation to the crowd with a great deal of gratitude and sincerity. He felt their love and connection, and he truly treasured the time he spent with them.

“Being at Sauti za Busara was an amazing experience. I, together with the band, had a wonderful time. The energy and connection with the crowd were wonderful. Everything was right.”

“We had a wonderful time on stage. We can only enjoy ourselves if we feel that the crowd is enjoying it. I want to say a big thank you to all of you amazing people. It’s my first time here, and I’ve had a wonderful time with wonderful people,” he said.


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