AFC,clubHouse Ghana Ltd Refurbish Ghan’s First Nursery School.


Accra Financial Centre (AFC) and Clubhouse Ghana Limited joined forces to give a makeover to Ghana’s inaugural nursery school, the Queen Elizabeth II Educational Foundation, located in Accra, which was previously in a dilapidated state.

AFC and Clubhouse Ghana Limited collaborated to renovate Ghana’s first nursery school, the Queen Elizabeth II Educational Foundation in Accra, rescuing it from a deteriorated condition.


The school building block, housing a crèche and two kindergarten streams underwent extensive renovations, including roof replacement, ceiling refurbishment, floor re-tiling, installation of new toilets and sinks, and the addition of ceiling fans in all classrooms and offices.


Each classroom received a new set of furniture, including storage units. Last Tuesday, the renovated school infrastructure and equipment, valued at $12,000, were officially handed over to the administrator of the 74-year-old early childhood learning institution. This initiative aimed not only to preserve the school, named after the late Queen of England but also to improve the overall teaching and learning environment.


Founded in 1950, the Queen Elizabeth II Educational Foundation is a private community school. Lady Arden-Clarke, wife of the last Governor of the then Gold Coast, Sir Charles Noble Arden-Clarke, spearheaded a philanthropic initiative to establish an educational facility for children. Initially named the Accra Day Nursery, it has since evolved into the Queen Elizabeth II Educational Foundation.

Entrusted to the local community under the patronage of the overlord of the Gbese, the Accra Day Nursery was the country’s pioneering institution of its kind.

In 1961, the school underwent a name change to ‘Queen Elizabeth II Educational Foundation.’ This transformation followed a historic visit by the British monarch, accompanied by Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, to engage with the children at the school.

Initially focused on a crèche and Kindergarten during its prime years, the school has evolved, expanding beyond its nursery status to encompass primary and basic education. Its primary beneficiaries include families in the Gbese community, children, and dependents of Makola traders, along with some market porters.


Financial limitations have hindered substantial renovations, especially in the nursery department of the school, which presently accommodates more than 150 pupils.


George Adjei-Ampofo, Regional Head for West Africa at Lango Real Estate, expressed his honor in inaugurating the renovated building, emphasizing the significance of assisting the school that played a foundational role in the country’s educational system.


“Being able to assist this esteemed school is an honor for us. As a part of our dedication to contribute to society, we are pleased to present the management with a fully refurbished facility,” stated Mr. Adjei-Ampofo.


During the handover of the renovated building to the school’s management, leaders of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, Janet Ghartey (AFC) and Alice Esi Coleman (Clubhouse Ghana) expressed being profoundly moved by the extent of disrepair at the nursery school. This realization occurred during their initial contact with school authorities and inspection of the existing infrastructure last year.


The decision to refurbish this historical element of Ghana aligns with the policy of both companies to promote basic education whenever feasible.

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