Angola Seeks Expertise of Botswana in Mining.


Angolan President Joo Lourenço claims that his trip to Botswana is an essential tool for advancing economic growth and enhancing bilateral collaboration. President Lourenço mentioned this during a press conference held in conjunction with President Dr. Mokgweetsi Masisi on Friday.

Official political and diplomatic links between Angola and Botswana were established in February 1976, and President Lourenço expressed confidence in the two nations’ ability to maintain positive relations.

He claimed that because Botswana was a significant diamond producer, Angola was anxious to benefit from its expertise in diamond mining and polishing.

“We want Botswana to help us improve our diamond industry so we one day come close to the level achieved here in terms of production. You should also help us with policies crafted and how to get the best market and prices. We know details to all this would be worked out in the near future,” he said.

He said that Angola had achieved notable achievements in the energy sector, particularly with regard to renewable and hydropower energy, and that their production levels were fulfilling the demands of the country. He also stated that they will share their energy production with Botswana after several energy-related projects were finished.

“We are producing and we need to distribute but there are some delays. We have a transmission line of power through to the Caprivi and we shall leave some power to Namibia if they wish to tap into it,” he added.

He noted that several nations, including Botswana, were experiencing a fuel scarcity and stated that Angola was trying to build petroleum refineries that could produce roughly 200 000 barrels per day to help the situation in the region.

He noted that Botswana has responded favorably to his country’s invitation to investors and other interested parties in the project.

He reiterated that Angola was eager to work with Botswana in many areas, particularly those where significant progress had been made.

“We are willing to learn a lot about the beef industry. Due to armed conflict back home, we did not maintain the cattle herd that was inherited from the colonial masters. We are now working on repopulation of the cattle herd and we look to Botswana which has made significant growth in embryo production and artificial insemination,” he said.

Angola had a lot of natural reserves but had been dormant, according to President Lourenço, therefore they needed to learn from Botswana’s expertise in protecting the environment.

He acknowledged that both nations were a part of the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area and praised Botswana for helping Angola relocate some elephants back to their natural habitat.

He expressed optimism that the general cooperation agreement between the two nations would be successful and that the two nations’ close proximity would be thoroughly investigated.

“The composition of the delegation I brought here is an indication of our intent going forward. We were here for a short period of time but we learned our lessons well and we are certain of our intentions,” he added.

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