In a meeting held on Monday in Abu Dhabi, Angola and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) addressed matters linked to the cultural and diplomatic exchange between the two nations.


The issue was addressed during a meeting between the Angolan extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador to UAE, Albino Malungo, and Muhammed Kamil Al-Maini the Founder, President of the International Institute of Cultural Diplomacy of the United Arab Emirates. 


Both parties addressed several matters of which included an exchange in the cultural sector between the two countries.


Speaking on the occasion, Muhammed Kamil Al-Maini said that the cultural and diplomatic exchange will be effected by sharing ideas and values, uniting the both nations through diplomacy and culture in a bid to promote tourism.


He said “we want to build bridges between the two countries and people through cultural exchange, thereby strengthening relations between the UAE and Angola”.


Moreso, the both representatives discussed the possibility of setting up an Arabic Language Teaching Center in Angola.


Founded in 2010, the International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is an organization that aids in educating, creating awareness, and training people in the Gulf Region about foreign culture, as it is widely recognized as the value of cultural diplomacy to nations. It also helps the people of nations to foster a mutual understanding of cultural differences. 

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