Peace Anyiam-Osigwe was born on the 30th of March, 1969. She was a Nigerian filmmaker and entertainment executive popularly called the queen of Nollywood films. She hailed from Imo state in the Eastern part of Nigeria.


Peace Anyiam-Osigwe founded the globally acclaimed film ceremony, Africa Movie Academy Awards, a body that has governed the film ceremony since 2005. Her award ceremony is reputed to be one of the most recognized awards for Africans in film-making.  She directed the first music video of hip-hop sensation and she has been bestowed a Member of Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the Nigerian government for her contribution to the entertainment industry.


In 2015, she began the AfricaOne initiative to commemorate Africans in the entertainment industry. In 2020, she became the National President of The Association of Movie Producers, becoming the 7th person to hold that post.


During her tenure as the president, she worked on building the capacity of film producers in the country through training and seminars. She initiated 100 film projects aimed at improving the quality of films produced in Nigeria.


Her career on television began with her discussion show “piece off my mind”. The program focused on people’s reaction to societal issues that were not regularly seen in the mainstream media. She was also a written poem author. She had three books to her credit. During her interview with Alana Herro she mentioned that poetry was one of the avenues she uses to express her perception and understanding of things around her. She was honored with the African Film Pioneer Award at the African Film Festival, TAFF.


Peace Anyiam-Osigwe passed away after being in a coma at St. Nicholas Hospital in Lagos on the 9th of January 2023, at the age of 54.


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