Angolan Short Film, ‘O Poder’ Listed at ‘Latin America Film’ Festival.


Angolan Director Antonio Guimaraes and producer TP Films’ short film titled “O Poder” (The Power) has been registered in the most prestigious short film festival in Latin America known as “Latin America Film Festival in Native Languages”. The event is scheduled to be held from April 8th to 12th in Peru.

The latest action short film, “O Poder” features actors from Cuba, Portugal, and Angola and is directed by the Directors of the film “Where is God?”. The cast is made up of Frank Rizo, Emignio, Humberto, Antonio Guardado, Nelson Nhanga, Carina Carvalheda, and Joao Sapalo “73D”.

Director Antonio Guimaraes, in an interview with ANGOP, revealed that a premiere will be held on March 15th at Cefejor-Huambo following the Latin American Festival slated for April.

According to him, the film is a short, action genre that reflects a social critique about a small fraction of drug sales that involved international trafficking brothels.

The character Nhoa is a drug dealer in Cuba who was wronged by his pimp and got possessed by the unavoidable desire to control drug trafficking in the region, leading him to kill his boss. As a result of this, he had to face the wrath of his best friend.

Antonio Guimaraes and his producer Tp Films cinematographic career started in 2015, with their first project titled “Fantasma de Abena”. Following the 2015 project were “Nos Diabolicos” in 2017 and “Nascido na escuridao” in 2019.

“Onde esta Deus” (where is God) is one of his major works released in 2023. Although, the film’s official date of release was extended by Netflix to this year. With an emphasis on a television series, Antonio Guimaraes and Tp Films have other film projects lined up for 2024 as well.

The “Latin American Film Festival in Native Languages” focuses on strengthening and revitalizing the original languages of Peru and Latin America, through the display of audiovisual works. The organization understands that audiovisual language is a great ally in preserving the languages, memory, identity, and cultural heritage of Latin American peoples. 


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