Audio Girl Africa Launches Inaugural ProducHER Series Bootcamp in Nigeria.


Audio Girl Africa is launching its flagship songwriting and recording boot camp, dubbed ProducHER Series, in Lagos, Nigeria. This is a follow-up to the 5-day boot camp that was held in March 2023 in collaboration with Mavin Global.


The goal of the recording and writing boot camp series is to encourage female creatives in the music industry to work together to develop a music project (a single or EP). Each session will highlight the contributions made by the chosen female creatives who work behind the scenes.


The Blavatnik Family Foundation Social Justice Fund’s SJF Repertoire and Warner Music Group have generously supported the ProducHER series. The boot camp’s objective is to connect female recording artists, songwriters, producers, mixing engineers, music executives, and industry professionals. They will work together in a constructive setting to produce and present their work to the music business.


In this light, the founder of Audio Girl Africa, Febe Adedamola said “With the grant from the Warner Music Group/Blavatnik Family Foundation Social Justice Fund’s SJF Repertoire, our organization can launch an initiative like this and continue in our mission to increase the involvement of young African women in the music creation, production, and engineering space by providing them with opportunities and resources for audio technology and music business training. This ProducHER series project is four years in the making. We are so appreciative of your help.”


“By awarding Audio Girl Africa with a grant under the Repertoire Fund supported by the WMG BFF Social Justice Fund, Warner Music Africa furthers our commitment to championing participation of young African women in audio technology and the music ecosystem at large,” stated Temilade Adeniji, MD of Warner Music Africa. We are incredibly delighted to support a company that has such a clear mission and that contributes significantly to narrowing the gender gap in this sector of the market.


Following the celebration of International #CountHerIn, which attests to the foundation’s overarching goal for the camp and beyond: investing in women in music production and audio technology while celebrating and showcasing their work, the ProducHER Series camp will take place from March 11 to March 15, 2024. Showgear Ltd., Azusa Productions, Sokay Tech Stores, and His Dulce Experience are happy to sponsor this endeavor. Here is where you may participate in Audio Girl’s activities and mission.


Additionally, rising and independent female producers, songwriters, and artists are invited by Audio Girl Africa to take part in this fantastic opportunity to work with other accomplished creatives throughout the boot camp. 


The Audio Girl Foundation hosted its inaugural Live Sound Workshop of the year in Ibadan from February 21–23, also made possible by the grant. Fifteen young women received instruction in the fundamentals of live sound, including how to set up for a live music performance, troubleshoot common live sound problems, and mix and record live sound.


The Audio Girl Africa Foundation is planning a Soirée, an evening of celebration, networking, games, fun, talks, bonding, and relaxation for women in the audio technology and music business, to wind up her Q1 projects in the last week of March. An opportunity to commemorate the involvement and achievements of young African women in the music business thus far.


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