The Ethiopian Airlines Group (ET), in partnership with MailAmericas (MA), a private postal operator and gold member of the consultive committee for the Universal Postal Union plans to develop cross-border e-commerce services.




As in the partnership agreement, Ethiopian Airlines will provide air transport service for cargo goods over its wide network while MailAmericas will proffer its market expertise information gained in Latin America and Africa, across its network in more than 40 countries.




Mesfin Tasew, Ethiopian Group CEO said that “the partnership will enable them to serve their customers better by leveraging the expertise, bilateral agreements, and private networks of MailAmericas”.




The President of MailAmericas, Tomas Miguens also stated that the partnership will provide a better shopping experience for every customer, as it would improve delivery time and seamless traceability of their packages.




He added that they are delighted with the partnership and “will continuously look to foster it and develop new businesses to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with Ethiopian Airlines Group”.




In Addition, Ethiopia is currently building an e-commerce hub, with an annual capacity of 150,000 tons yearly in Addis Ababa, in a bid to upscale its e-commerce logistics service and capacity.




The facility which is dedicated to e-commerce logistics operations will be furnished with an automated sortation system and electronic transport vehicles for easy handling of shipments. 




Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services is a major global cargo service operator that has recorded about 770,000 tons of annual cargo uplift in 2020/2021. It provides cargo services to more than 130 international countries which include 66 dedicated cargo destinations in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and America. It also has 14 dedicated freighters.


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