Special sparking stones spotted in Congo.


From Manono, a territory sited in the Tanganyika Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a report on the discovery of some special stones, by natives, emerged on Saturday the 21st of January 2023.


According to the report, some of DRC’s local miners made the finding when they unearthed stones that can self-generate electricity. The encounter has since sparked widespread keenness and interest, leading to an assortment of names being ascribed to the materials.


The rocks seemingly gave off eccentric electric energy that did get the attention of the natives. Absorbed, they filmed the precious pebbles, and the footage has since gone viral online after South African businessman Daniel Marven posted it. In the video, the rocks discharge sparks when they make contact. They were also seen to power a small bulb.


Since they emerged in DRC, people have been trying to demystify the stones, but the stones, which are dark, almost black, and have smooth, lustrous exteriors, appear to be composed of a yet-to-be-identified type of mineral. Indications and reactions however suggest that it is a novel revelation.


Meanwhile, the electric property in the stones had some of the citizens believe they unearthed lithium. Still, reactions have been trailing the video with many netizens thinking that the stones are Vibranium.


But Vibranium is an imaginary resource from Marvel Comics that was conceived for the Blank Panther movie with the inherent ability to release and absorb kinetic energy. In the film, Black Panther’s costume is made from the hypothetical natural vibranium material which gives the Marvel creation unusual capabilities.

While it might not be completely clear what the stones in the clip are, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has a range of existing mineral and natural resources. According to geological investigations, the country is believed to have over 1,100 different minerals, including precious stones like gold and platinum, as well as industrial minerals like cobalt, tin, coltan, bauxite, lead, nickel, and tungsten.


The DRC also has great deposits of diamonds, copper, manganese, and zinc, as well as a substantial reserve of oil and natural gas.


Netizens have alluded to the idea that it could be Lithium since it is highly reactive and flammable and is used in batteries for movable electronic gadgets and electric cars.


With this discovery, the Democratic Republic of Congo’s status as a key African natural resource deposit has been reinforced and reiterated.

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