Ethiopia Takes Lead in Coffee Expertise.


According to the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority (ECTA), the introduction of a coffee training program is essential to close the knowledge gap and develop specialized skills, establishing Ethiopia as a leader in the commodity’s expertise.

In an interview with The Ethiopian Herald, Sahlemariam Gebremedhn, the director of ECTA Public Relations and Communication, said that the program not only helps regional experts but also trains future coffee experts from other African nations. It is thought that the program will improve the quality of coffee, cut down on waste, and increase the industry’s total potential.

Since the previous Ethiopian fiscal year, the authority has been actively working to expand the service beyond Addis Ababa and Dre Dawa by constructing new coffee quality and certification centers in Jimma and Hawassa. In an effort to guarantee that people have access to basic services, this expansion will continue to other regional states.

According to the director, technical developments have also completely transformed the sector, especially in the fight against illicit coffee trading activities. As a result, the government’s comprehensive strategy has considerably reduced illegal coffee smuggling. Additionally, states, federal agencies, academic institutions, and non-governmental groups have joined forces to assist farmers in using contemporary methods of producing coffee and promoting sustainable development.

Sahlemariam went on to say that in order to ensure the greatest caliber of coffee production, stronger cooperation with research facilities and academic institutions is essential. Additionally, cooperative initiatives are being carried out to improve coffee quality, give farmers access to better coffee types, and solve marketing-related issues.

Dilla University has developed an online education program to provide industry participants with fundamental knowledge on foreign marketing, coffee quality, and related topics. This curriculum is a manifestation of the aforementioned.

Ethiopia has demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship, innovation, and quality via the coffee industry’s impressive growth. He said the nation is ready to lead the globe in the coffee market through technology, conservation efforts, and training, and it will serve as a model for the rest of the world.

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