Kenya, US to Cohost Global Food Hygiene Forum.


The 54th session of the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene has commenced with Kenya as host in collaboration with the United States. 


The forum was launched by Rebecca Miano, Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Investments, Trade and Industry, Susan Nakhumicha, CS Health, and Mithika Linturi, Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development.


Kenya’s collaboration with the US to hold this meeting highlights the country’s leadership in advancing food safety on the African continent. Effective communication and the incorporation of Codex standards into national regulations are guaranteed by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), which serves as the National Codex Contact Point.


Dr. Evelyne Mbandi, the Chairperson of the Committee on Food Hygiene graced the event with her presence together with Steve Wearne, Chair of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, Dr. Emilio Esteban the Under Secretary for Food Safety, among others.


Rebecca Miano stated that “This is a momentous occasion for Kenya just getting the opportunity to co-host it here with the US. It just demonstrates Kenya’s dedication and commitment to enhancing food hygiene and standards”.


She buttressed the essence of maintaining high food standards to facilitate trade, stating that “Trade in agriculture is a lifeline for Kenya, standards are a big deal for Kenya”.


Additionally, the occasion provides a forum for discussing the unique requirements of the African continent. The significance of flexible and locally applicable standards for food safety is emphasized by initiatives like the creation of regional standards to assist the African Continental Free Trade Area and leadership in food hygiene measures in traditional marketplaces.


Kenya is reaffirming its commitment to food safety standards through stringent market surveillance, according to Esther Ngari, Managing Director of KEBS. She emphasized Kenya’s proactive approach to guaranteeing the safety and quality of its food supply and gave participants assurances of high compliance levels across all food products supplied in the nation.


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