Nigeria: Mcaa Set for Her 6th Miniature Art Exhibition.


The sixth miniature exhibition, which will take place at the Arts Hotel in Lagos, has been set to take place from March 30 to April 14, 2024. During a press conference held at the Arts Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, this was recently revealed by Patrons Modern and Contemporary African Arts (MCAA), a renowned art consultancy and dealership firm.

The event’s subject, “Herstory Reframed,” was inspired by the direction of this year’s International Women’s Day celebration. It will allow women artists to use canvases to communicate their tales while reshaping the global narrative of African women.

The show seeks to reinterpret symbols, reclaim feminine narratives, and encourage inclusivity in the arts. Through their twenty pieces of art, three gifted and well-exhibited female artists from French-speaking nations will share amazing stories.

A fireside talk with women in business, finance, and the arts will also take place during the event to address what lies ahead for the African arts sector. Mama Nike, who is renowned for reviving African traditional practices through her arts and crafts, will chair the discussion panel. Opportunities in the arts sector, the funding gap, finance for the arts, assistance for female artists, and the export potential of art collections will be the main topics of discussion.

Speaking at the press conference, the Director at Patron MCAA, Miss Keturah Ovio, said, “We are always looking for projects that are exciting and often not ventured into by other art forms, and while art is big business all around the world, we realized in African it is not well popularised and we saw an opportunity there.”

“Other industries influence art for instance the Real Estate Sector. The way houses are built is getting smaller which means the wall spaces are getting smaller. As an artist, your work of art should also consider where the market is going.”

“For an artwork of 6×7 feet high and wide, someone who rents a one-bedroom apartment might not want to buy such considering the space it will occupy.”

“However, it is not a bad business for us, because we can help them store them, as we believe Arts should be displayed, discussed, and enjoyed.”

The musicians Falhone Ogoun from the Benin Republic, Kristine Tsala from Cameroun, and Asa Mansongi from the Republic of Congo are anticipated at the event.

Ovio notes that there is room for both governmental and private sector players to do more, pointing out that the African arts business is only worth roughly $13 billion, or 2.5 percent of the $520 billion worldwide art market.

Every artist has a distinct viewpoint that comes from their experiences and upbringings, according to Ms. Ovio.

Ms. Ovio stated, “Every artist provides a distinct perspective derived from their experiences and upbringing.

“Everyone must put money into it. Corporations need to invest in building, marketing, exporting, and art collections. Art in public spaces is essential. Art must be exported, not merely technology or other goods. People’s lives can be improved and changed by the values of the arts, she remarked.

Young people in Africa need to be interested in collecting art, according to Peter Imo, Director of Patrons MCAA, who emphasized that art can appreciate in value if stored properly.

“Art is a long-term investment. It is an asset you own that can exponentially grow wealth for generations,” he said.

He said that diversity has grown in importance on a worldwide scale and that women have demonstrated their extraordinary ability to contribute to the arts in a variety of fields.

Speaking at the ceremony, Miss Meme Osuocha, Marketing Director, said that it will highlight the potential of women and reinterpret African women’s stories for a global audience.

It’s a chance to use the arts to share the tales of African women. In addition to showcasing the creative talent of the female artists on display, HERstory Reframed paves the path for a more empowered and inclusive future for women in Africa and beyond, the statement reads.

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