Nairobi-based green transport company launched an electric bus on Wednesday at the Green park Terminus in Nairobi.

As a result of the lush parks in the country’s capital Nairobi, Roam, a Kenyan-Swedish company in Nairobi Kenya launched an electric bus which is also referred to as the city’s environmentally friendly mobility. The manufacturing of this electric bus has been able to curb the problem of air pollution in the city and to encourage green commuting.

According to Dennis Wakaba, an electric mobility specialist, this is Kenya’s first electric mass transit which was designed and co-manufactured with a global partner last year.

The Roam project coordinator stated that this new innovation represents a shift towards public transport, whereby people can ride in comfort and enjoy the ride with a clear conscience because there will be zero emissions of CO2.

The mass transit has helped with the notorious morning traffic in the city which lacks a state-run transport network which makes most commuter transport privately operated. Roam said fares on electric buses would be competitors to them.

The electric bus is a 77-seat bus which has a top speed of 70 kilometres per hour and a battery pack that allows it to travel 360 kilometres before requiring a 2-hours recharge. It is reachable and all-inclusive.

Wakaba also added that it can accommodate people in wheelchairs, elderly having priority seats in the bus.

He added that Nairobi is seen as a leader of innovation and a  good starting point and an innovation hub to deploy these buses”.

The green transport has also started to make arrangements for a smaller bus to complement the 77-seater bus.

Furthermore, BasiGo, an electric mobility startup unveiled a 25-seater bus with a 250-kilometre range for Nairobi’s roads.

Kenya is looking to cut CO2 emissions by 32 percent by 2030 as most of its source of energy is from renewable resources.

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