So many African youngsters are now making their impacts, leaving their footprints in the sands of time and making their names known. It is a well-known fact that creativity is in the blood of every African, fortunately, most are willing to share it with the whole world.


Victor Okwuchukwu Onwudiwe is a cinematographer, filmmaker, and movie and music video director. He hails from Aguata local government area in Anambra, an Eastern state in Nigeria. He also owns Keny Basil Studios; a firm dedicated to impacting society through images.


In an interview with Afrisquare, he mentioned that this vision started in 2010. As a person, he often found it challenging to convey a story in his mind, he could not always find the right words to portray the emotions, he understood that the easiest way he could express himself was through physical description of the pictures in his mind, which prompted the birth of this dream. He wanted to tell true-life stories using pictures, to impact society the best way he could.


His absolute dedication to this vision has taken him to many places and won him so many awards. Gradually, he has been able to make a lot of achievements; he has been nominated and honored with awards both locally and internationally. He has bagged the “best social change film” in a few countries, and “best indigenous film” in countries like the United States of America and the United Kingdom. He is also a member of the Director’s Guild of Nigeria.


Some of his awards include; Best Igbo film in Best of Nollywood 2022, the Best indigenous film in Toronto International Film Festival, Audience Choice Award in Eastern Nigeria International Film Festival 2022, Best Child Actor in Best of Nollywood 2022, Best Nollywood Short Film in Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival 2022, Best Foreign Language Feature in Garyblack Filmfest 2022. He was also a nominee for Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award and Africa International Film Festival.


He is recently working on so many projects that he cannot wait to share with the world. He told Afrisquare about some of his new projects. He talked about his newest project titled “Therapy, ” a social change movie that raises cancer awareness. He talked about his indigenous movie, “Ifediche” which tells the story of a girl who tries to make it through life with local delicacies. He is working on a series centered on the life of high school students with different backgrounds, drawing inspiration from “Binta and Friends”. He also talked about another indigenous movie titled “Echezona” which tells the tales of a young boy. All these projects are set to be released this year.


He is trying to penetrate all the different genres of movies. He also hopes to work with foreign directors who share the same vision as he does, directors who are in sync with what he hopes to bring to public consumption. He mentioned that he hopes to work with Ryan Coogler, the director of Black Panther and the first black director to make a $1 billion grossing movie.


During the interview, he said “my dream has come to a manifestation, and even though it is a gradual process, I and my team have achieved so much so far. Last year alone, we got so many nominations both internationally and locally. We have really explored, the goal is for the world to see what we can do and also learn from what we are doing. We have achieved most of that and we will keep striving to put our vision out there”. 


He is also open to investments from people whose visions are in alignment with his own. He can be reached through his Website, or email address, or Instagram: @director_keny or Company Instagram: @kenybasilstudios


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