First of all, I hate when people address me as Sam’s wife, it makes me feel like I am not my own person. My name is Agatha and I will like to publicly state that I am smarter than that whole friend group combined. My husband is kind but being smart has never been his forte. They think they hide their emotions well, but they don’t.


The things I noticed on the first night we hung out, Diane likes being the mama bear, but she is not enough for herself let alone a whole group of people. Sarah is highly competitive, it makes her focus on what is on the outside and she does not see what goes on right under her nose, because her husband and Ama have definitely had a thing or are still having a thing. Zainab on the other hand, asides from being a pushover, might actually have a little bit of fluid in her head; she is really difficult to read. And before I forget to add this, my husband is clearly in love with Ama, I see the way he moons over her he might be too cowardly to act on it but I cannot take my chances.


I have always wanted a friend group but while I was in school I could not keep one because I always called out their bullshit and for some reason, human beings cannot stand being told the truth, it’s like they lie so much to themselves if you hold a mirror up to them, they scurry away. This is why I have held my mouth with these ones.


Ama is not this self-centered bitch she wants everyone to see her as, she makes wrong choices, and she shies away before she faces the consequences of choosing wrongly. She, however, also holds a lot of secrets, it is so obvious in the way she is always skittish, talks less but talks fast whenever she does talk.


That night she was pale; of course, my husband noticed it and he got worried, I got worried too but worried that my husband will go running to be her knight in shining armor so I was extra clingy that night. I felt the irritation seep out of him, but I was not going to let up. 


I was distracted for a brief minute and my husband took off to be by her side. Not today Satan, because I was by his side faster than a fat kid could swallow a burger. I noticed his disappointment but when you have been made to fight for everything you need in life, this feels like a piece of cake in comparison.


When that scream came, I was confused, I was too focused on my husband’s movements that no other thing mattered. It felt like I was in my own bubble and that scream popped it.


Just like everyone else, I rushed to see what it was about. Sam, ever kind, ever weak Sam, of course, he started panicking. I tried to be there for him, I tried to ground him, I knew he was scared shitless and a part of me was happy. I was happy to know he needed me, it didn’t matter the circumstance. He needed me and I was there.

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