Rwanda: Miss Black Festival to Be Held in Kigali.


The first-ever ‘Miss Black Festival‘ is scheduled to take place in Rwanda, bringing together international black girls to honor the intelligence, beauty, and cultural diversity of black women worldwide.

The inaugural competition, which was revealed on Thursday, February 15, aims to elevate the voices of black women by supporting their representation in a variety of industries and showcasing their accomplishments, resiliency, and goals in order to motivate future generations.

The initiative, which was organized by Imanzi Ltd. in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Arts because of their shared dedication to philanthropy, education, and cultural awareness, aims to dispel negative perceptions about women of African heritage and bring about good change.

As demonstrated by the crowning of “Miss Black USA” and “Miss Black France” in the United States and France, respectively, this competition serves as a springboard for competitors to advance to subsequent international competitions.

Assistant Director of Imanzi Ltd. Chear Sebudwege stated that the decision was driven by two urgent concerns: resolving the problem of black girls feeling self-conscious about their attractive skin tones and guaranteeing fair competition for those who dare to compete but might encounter obstacles based solely on their race, impeding worthy individuals from triumphing.”

“Therefore, we aim to uplift their black skin colour pride and values as well as offering them a platform to be recognized wherever they are,” he added.

“During the festival, there will be different activities, including the exhibition of various cultures from different countries, performances from artists, among other activities that will be presented,” said Honorine Ruzigamanzi, the Spokesperson of Imanzi Ltd.

There are now clear rules and standards in place, guaranteeing openness in the choice procedure and allaying any worries about prejudice.

Applications are accepted from February 16 to March 16 from any legally single, black woman who is between the ages of 18 and 35 and has completed high school, regardless of where she was born. Participants must be working on initiatives that advance awareness of the black community throughout the world and actively back the Pan-African movement.

How the auditions will be conducted

“On March 23, the first audition’s initial stage will be conducted virtually. Contestants will undergo detailed interviews with judges, selecting 20 for the second stage.”

“Similarly, the second auditions, on April 20, will also be virtual, with detailed interviews selecting 10 contestants for the in-person Boot Camp that will be held in Rwanda on May 20.”

“In this regard, participants will experience Rwanda’s development in security, governance, and tourism, preparing for the final phase. This stage, on May 25, will feature cultural performances, dances, demonstrations, and discussions promoting black movement dignity.”

“The grand finale will see three winners walk away with prizes of USD15,000 for the winner, USD5,000 for the first runner-up and second runner-up, offering them opportunities to represent black women worldwide.”

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