Rwanda-Zimbabwe Ties Show Potential of Intra-Africa Trade.


The commencement of the Rwanda-Zimbabwe Business Forum on Monday is a compelling example of the transformative potential of cooperation between the South and the South. A remarkable success story, the 50% increase in trade between these two countries over the last two years offers important lessons for the whole African continent.

The annual forum, which is currently taking place for the third time, alternating between Kigali and Harare, is largely responsible for the rise.

Africa has been a net importer for far too long, with most of its trade going outside the continent. The interchange of commodities and services between African countries, or intra-African commerce, has enormous potential, as this forum illustrates. Through promoting alliances such as the one between the two nations, Africa can unleash its enormous economic potential and steer towards self-sufficiency.

Towards this end, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a significant step forward. AfCFTA creates a continental marketplace by removing trade barriers and simplifying trade laws, which promotes economic expansion and job creation throughout Africa.

The resolution of current impediments, however, is necessary for such attempts to succeed. Exorbitant airfare expenses continue to be a major barrier, impeding the effective transportation of commodities. Important efforts include encouraging more competition in the aviation industry and streamlining air travel regulations.

The relationship between Rwanda and Zimbabwe provides a road map for addressing these obstacles. Both countries have placed a high priority on streamlining trade procedures and developing their infrastructure, which has created an atmosphere that is favorable for economic growth. Enhancing cooperation in domains like as information sharing, technology, and logistics can augment these benefits even further.

Let Africa be guided by the commercial boom between Rwanda and Zimbabwe. Let’s embrace South-South collaboration, knock down trade obstacles, and unleash the enormous economic potential on our continent. Together, we can make the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) a reality and open the door to a wealthy and connected Africa.

Africa has a bright future because of trade, cooperation, and a common goal of prosperity. Let’s take advantage of this chance to write a new chapter in the economic history of Africa, one in which the continent assumes its proper role on the international economic scene and intra-African trade flourishes.

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