Angolan NGO Launches Initiative to Promote Rights of Females

  • The project ‘Kiua’ aims to protect, promote, and publicize the rights of the female gender most especially in Luanda, Icolo, Bengo, and Quicama.

On Thursday, Angolan Non-Governmental Organization, Angola 2000, launched an initiative to promote the rights of women, young people, and children called “Kiua” which aims to promote and publicize the rights of this section of society, as well as denounce sexual abuses with emphasis on intra-family cases.

Out of 296 complaints of violence against children that were registered in the first quarter of 2023 according to data from the National Children’s Institute (INAC), 16 complaints were sexual abuse. Also, Luanda has the highest number of cases of sexual abuse against girls and children with a daily average of 12 cases.

The project will be on for three years and cover the districts of Luanda, Icolo, Bengo, and Quicama, according to the President of Angola 2000, Cirilo Mbonge. He said that “the number of women and children suffering from sexual abuse is appalling, so we want to pay more attention to this issue, adding that “every day we have news about this sad issue”.

Mr. Mbonge assured that at the conclusion of the project, it is anticipated to support at least 240 female children who are victims of sexual abuse, noting that it would legal and psychological. He disclosed that many of these girls and children do not have any kind of follow-up which most times results in depression for them.

He furthermore, urged public and private associations to support the combat against sexual abuse either directly or indirectly. In conclusion, he said, “we know that we can’t put an end to this evil, but if we join together, we add that we can reduce the number of this evil that has affected our society”.

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